Frequently Asked Questions

If we've been asked before, chances are it's in here.

What is The Club App

The Club App is an all encompassing platform which brings clubs to mobile. Basically it allows clubs to get content directly to their member's/subscriber's mobile devices as well as initiate interaction and participation in club initiatives. We have been working on it for the past six months and we're almost ready to launch. We think you are really going to like what we have built.

What are some of the main features?

We will relese a detailed description of the features in the next couple of weeks through our email newsletter. So if you're interested, please subscribe back on the home page (we promise we will only send you relevant information). To give you a little taster, starting off there will be a news feed, an online lotto subscription tool and a number of other features for presenting content relevant to clubs.

Will it be available on both Android and Apple devices?

Of course. We have versions of the app built for both Android and Apple so you can reach the maximum number of potential subscribers. These will be available to your members/community for free from Google Play and the App Store.

When are we expected to launch?

We have been doing a lot of hard work over the winter and we're nearly there. We want to bring you a product which absolutely blows you away and we're just adding the finishing touches at the moment. Our ultimate target is April 2015.

What are our plans for the future?

We are a team of experienced mobile app and web developers. We are also members of numerous clubs, including GAA, soccer and rugby. We have some really big plans for the future and expect to consistently add new and improved features to our platform each month. Watch this space!

What if I want to know more?

Sign up to the mailing list back on the home page for more details. We will be releasing more information in the coming weeks, including our big launch. If you need further information in a hurry, just email us at and we will get back to you in a flash!