Packed with Features

Tools to drive engagement & revenue generation

Give Your Club Global Reach

Members and friends of your club are not just in your local area. The global internet provides the infrastructure and ClubZap provides the tools to reach out and engage subscribers all over the world. We are in every region available on the app stores and can accept all major currencies within the app.

News Feed

User engagement is primarily driven by placing premium content in the hands of your members. The News Feed is a pivotal aspect of this formula, alerting users to important news and announcements. You can even send them push notifications (see below) and publishing articles only takes seconds with our simple backend.

In App Club Subscriptions

ClubZap supports Clubs & Communities by enhancing existing revenue streams via our mobile app and web portal. This includes membership payments, club merchandise as well as making existing (licensed) club lotto available via the App.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are central to the whole mobile experience. A lotto winner, a big result or a fixture changed at the last minute. Let your users know immediately with Push Notifications. Why wait for people to read the weekly newspaper (if they even do that) or visit your website. Even those looking at Facebook and Twitter can miss things. Notifications are sent through our simple backend with a few clicks and can even be taylored to only reach a particular group (i.e. those interested in results for the U-6 team) so you're not annoying everyone with unwanted notifications.


No more googling event details, scrounging through the bin for last weeks paper or, even worse, missing an event. Fixtures provides a simple, clean interface which presents details of upcoming fixtures to your users. Like news items, fixtures can be added in seconds through the backend and published along with a handy push notification.


Want to know how a particular team got on? Simple; Results gives you all the details your users need to stay up to date. The team, competition, time and venue, along with the score of course. You can even filter the results by the team so no awkward searching. Needless to say, Results are easy to add through the backend and come with an optional push notification.

Social Media Integration

Powerful content management tools that integrate with existing social media accounts by providing an option to auto update to Facebook & Twitter in addition to subscribers of the app.

Club Website Solution

A dedicated club website at your own domain. Customise our template to suit your club and benifit from combined updates of the app, your social media accounts and your website. A user-friendly, simple and very affordable way to develop a club site.

Management Portal

You may have seen us mention our simple backend in some of the preceeding sections. Well, for all of you club admins, we have a fantastic tool for you to keep your subscribers up-to-date and monitor a ton of metrics. Publish news articles, fixtures, and results in just a few clicks. Monitor subscription numbers, track user engagement through 'app opens' and even track income and revenue over time.