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Clubify Pricing

General Pricing

There are a number of different pricing options to choose from, based on your club's needs.

Clubify Comms (€30/month)

The entry level package provides clubs with a full featured communications platform with which to communicate with their members and supporters. This includes the Clubify app, integration with the club social media accounts and our powerful Content Delivery Engine which allows admins to update all platforms from a single place.

Clubify Payments (€40/month)

Providing all of the features of "Clubify Comms", along with integrations with our extensive payment processing infrastructure, this option enables clubs to revolutionise fundraising and simplify subscription payments. On average, clubs are increasing membership revenue by 30% by moving to our online payment solution.

Clubify Engage (€50/month)

Featuring all of the benefits of "Clubify Comms" and "Clubify Payments", the Engage package includes a state of the art club website, all powered by the same Clubify infrastructure. This mobile responsive website is all that a club needs to complete their communications strategy and is never in fear of becoming obselete due to our constant iteration on the design to meet the fast moving pace of change in online communications. By providing the ability to control all of a club's communications from a single place means that this is our most popular package to date.

Transaction Fees

All transactions processed through Clubify are subject to a 5% processing. If you are processing over €25,000 in revenue per year, talk to us about bulk pricing options.

Payment processing for clubs is facilitated by Stripe, and money is transferred to the club bank account on a seven day rolling basis.

Advertising Support

We have provided an option for clubs to offset the cost of the technology by providing advertising space on the Website which they can sell at their own discretion and use to generate extra revenue. Example Website: sixmilebridgegaa.com