Get your club on ClubZap

(1) Register your club.

Click the register button above and register your club on our system.

(2) Club verification.

Shortly after you register your club, we will call you directly at the phone number you entered. This is simply to verify that you are indeed who you say you are and you're acting on behalf of a legitimate club. We will also go through the workings of our backend system with you and make sure your account is setup and running properly.

(3) Starting building your user base.

Once your account has been verified, your club will appear within the list of available clubs on the iOS and Android apps. This is the point where you should start alerting your club members that they should download ClubZap and subscribe to your club. Our dashboard will allow you to track when users subscribe to your club and measure other useful metrics such as lotto subscription numbers, the number of subscribers who open the app each week and article views.